Views of past volunteers and what it means to take part in a study at ICON

"I know the stage that you are at… I’ve been there and made a decision. My reason for needing money was for my research, and ICON Early Phase Services came to the rescue. I appreciate that it is a big step to accept being a volunteer on such studies. I can assure you it is an experience I will not hesitate to repeat again.

I found ICON Early Phase Services staff very accommodating and very friendly, totally competent and professional. The studies themselves are conducted with the volunteer’s interest at heart.
When one is doing a long or short study, boredom is the biggest hurdle. When I first undertook a study, there was only one television! Doing a study now is a doddle! Particularly when you can request videos, board games, newspapers, play pool, and sit outside in the fresh air.

I usually looked at it as a period of recuperation. Some of my colleagues brought work with them, others played a game of pool. Some studies involve being woken early, but don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunity to catch up on your rest.

Now I sit on the independent ethics committee. I was told that my experience as a long-standing volunteer would be valuable. Any study that you may wish to participate in, even before being finalised on paper, is scrutinised thoroughly by the ethics committee with the interest of the volunteer in mind.

The ethics committee comprises professional people, including doctors, pharmacists, legal people, a nurse and non-technical people like myself. Therefore, hardly anything passes without question.
I hope I have been helpful to you in making a decision, and hope to see you on a study soon."

Former Volunteer and Ethics Committee Member.

"Can't wait to get back into another study at this facility. Wonderful atmosphere, great staff. Nothing like other facilities in San Antonio. Not others can compete. Feels like a paid vacation staying here! Thanks for having me."

"Always feel comfortable in taking part in a study – competence of staff. Compensation is very good, and information provided is detailed."

"I had a wonderful experience. The best quality ICON Early Phase Services has is the professionalism! I will definitely sign up again."

"Professional, positive and outstanding employees. These people genuinely care about their jobs as well as the study participants."

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