ICON in Asia

As a leading CRO with a presence in Asia Pacific since 1996, local know-how is our specialty.
Our experts understand the unique challenges of conducting research in Asia Pacific and use their country-specific knowledge to ensure we deliver quality data to our clients on time and within budget.
ICON has over 2,800 professionals working in 13 countries in the region, committed to helping pharma and biotech clients make informed decisions faster.  We have the capability and expertise to conduct clinical trials and development projects on both a local, cross region and global basis.

We provide a full range of services:

ICON: Your Partner in Asia Pacific

At ICON, we use our insight and innovation to drive measurable performance improvements. Our operational capability and therapeutic expertise enable us to deliver value and operational excellence in drug development projects, which translates into constantly exceeding client expectations.

Why Asia Pacific

A number of factors contribute to Asia Pacific being an excellent location for clinical trials:

  • Regulatory bodies are actively encouraging Multi Regional Clinical Trials
  • Patient access - Two-thirds of the world’s population live in the region
  • Relatively less competition for patients with fewer clinical trials enrolling compared  to US & EU
  • High prevalence of certain diseases - diabetes, hepatitis B, cardiovascular, chronic  lower respiratory disease, influenza and pneumonia
  • Strong presence of academic institutions and high-quality investigators
  • ICH-GCP guidelines have been adopted for more than 10 years
  • Quality is constantly improving and standards are comparable to western standards
  • Significant progress has been made by some key territories to enforce IPP and implement patent laws
  • Costs are relatively lower  in some countries compared to US and EU

Use our country comparison tool for in-depth detail on Health Trends, the clinical trials landscape, Regulatory information and patient sites.

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