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Hong Kong

Fast Facts

  • Capital: Hong Kong (HK), a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
  • Economy: GDP/Economy: Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centres, with a major capitalist service economy characterized by low taxation and free trade, nominal GDP US$290 billion, 2014
  • Health Expenditure: 5.2% of GDP, 2012
  • Population: 7.2 million, 2014
  • Average Life Span: 81.2/86.7 (m/f), 2014
  • Languages: Chinese and English
  • Adult Literacy Rate: 93.5% 2014

Health Trends

  • The Hospital Authority has a workforce of around 58,000 people, and manages 41 hospitals and institutions, 48 Specialist Out-patient Clinics (SOPCs), and 74 General Out-patient Clinics (GOPCs).  They provide 27,000 beds, or about 4 beds for every 1,000 members of the public. 
  • Effective implementation of childhood immunization program versus vaccine-preventable disease has contributed significantly on the reduction of the incidence of certain diseases.
  • Deaths by Ten Leading Causes of Death in 2014: Malignant Neoplasms, Pneumonia, Diseases of Heart, Cerebrovascular Disease, External Causes of Morbidity and Mortality, Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases, Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome & Nephrosis, Dementia, Septicaemia, Diabetes Mellitus. 

Clinical Trial Landscape

  • ICH GCP adoption. 
  • Semi-sequential process: DOH approval granted only after IRB approval (parallel submission to DOH and IRB is allowed). 
  • Oncology and cardiovascular continued to be the top areas in terms of study number
  • The number of contracted Industry-sponsored clinical studies were 824 in 2014
  • Percentage of Study Phases: Phase I: 5%, Phase II: 21%, Phase III: 48%, Phase IV: 6%, Other: 20%
  • Dossiers can be submitted in English: other than ICF and Patient materials, all documents in English. 
  • Drug sample is required for DOH clinical trial application. 
  • Clinical trials set-up time: approx 16 - 20 weeks. 
  • Investigators are ICH-GCP trained. 
  • Centralised electronic patient records accessible via an intranet system linking all hospitals and clinics under the Hospital Authority. 
  • Accredited laboratory facilities capable of supporting multinational clinical trials. 
  • Prime logistical hub less than five hours’ flight from most Asian countries and links to some 130 destinations worldwide by over 3,600 flights per week.

ICON in Hong Kong

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  • Presence in Hong Kong since 2003
  • Broad experience in various therapeutic areas and excellent relationships with key opinion leaders in various therapeutic areas
  • Speciality in Asian diseaase for examples Ongology and Hepatitis
  • Gate to China: Data generated at CFDA accredited sites will be accepted for China registration

Services Offered

  • Project management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Regulatory Consultancy and regulatory application

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