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Fast Facts

  • Capital: Jakarta
  • Economy: 17th largest in the world, nominal GDP US$845 billion, 2011
  • Health Expenditure: 1.9% of GDP, 2011
  • Population: 237 million, 2011
  • Average Life Span: 71, 2011
  • Languages: Bahasa Indonesian
  • Adult Literacy Rate: 92% 2011

Health Trends

  • The Indonesian pharmaceutical market was estimated at U.S. $2.7 billion in 2007 and is expected to increase to U.S. $4.2 billion by 2012.
  • Access to health care is not developed, hence the availability of treatment naïve patients or undiagnosed cases.
  • Tertiary and teaching hospitals are predominantly used for clinical trials.
  • According to WHO, Cancer mortality is reported the highest across the South East Asia region with a figure of 6.6 percent
  • Leading causes of death: Ischemia, Hypertension, Cerebrovascular diseases, LRTI, COPD, DM, TB, Road Traffic Accidents and Diarrheal diseases.

Clinical Trial Landscape

  • Large patient population base.
  • Submission to Local EC and HA completed sequentially.
  • For global trials requiring the shipping of biological samples to a central laboratory outside of Indonesia, the Materials Transfer Agreements needs to undergo MOHR (Litbangkes – Health Research and Development of Ministry of Health) review and approval.
  • Not all physicians are well trained on ICH-GCP, hence selection of interested and experienced investigators are key to success of clinical trials.
  • Indonesian investigators require more CRA support compared to other countries. Culturally, face-to-face meetings are usually preferred by Investigators with CRAs.

ICON in Indonesia

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  • Presence in Indonesia since 2007

Services Offered

  • Clinical trial application to ethics committees and health authority
  • Study set up activities
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Medical & Safety Services

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