The explosion of data in the digital world is leading to substantial changes in clinical development, from patient recruitment to the way that medicines are manufactured and distributed. Along with this influx of information comes the challenge of transforming high-volume, complex data into smart data, which can then be leveraged to advance the field – but only if it is analysed effectively.

The challenges and barriers of disruptive innovation force pharmaceutical companies and their partners to reshape how they look at everything they do across the entire spectrum of drug development. Fortunately, we continue to see disruptive innovation evolve and presenting real solutions. In order to adapt to the emergence of innovation, companies will need to be more agile and open to learning about it impact.

Read “Disruptive Innovation – The Impact” Report to find out three senior executive perspectives on:

  • Dealing with the digital explosion
  • Direct to patient strategies and how this is introducing new players to the industry
  • Democratising and destigmatising clinical trials to improve patient recruitment
  • Patient privacy and data protection in todays society
  • Organisational evolution to manage and nurture innovation
  • Advice on coping with the impact of disruptive innovation