Remote monitoring and leveraging wearable devices and sensors in clinical trials.

Wearable devices and sensors offer great potential in the collection of richer data and insights to enhance our understanding of the effects of treatment. They enable the collection of objective measures of intervention effects both in-clinic and in remote free-living settings. However, implementing wearables and sensors brings new challenges to clinical trial conduct, data management and interpretation.

Our ICON Insights will help you to understand and successfully address the complexities of implementation of wearable devices in trial design, execution and reporting.

Case studies

ICON’s eCOA team and wearables consultants design, implement and manage a technology solution for a global trial across nine countries amongst patients suffering from a neurological disorder

ICON uses AI machine learning algorithms to develop new digital biomarkers from raw accelerometer data.

ICON uses Apple Research Kit to deliver an electronic patient reported outcomes instrument using an iPad and a wrist wearable, amongst elderly patients.

Standards for measuring activity in COPD and other less active populations

Recommendations on standard approaches for wearable selection, implementation, and derived endpoints to measure changes in activity.

Sedentary behaviour is an important risk factor for a number of chronic diseases

Learn how to measure treatment related changes in sedentary behaviour using wearable technology.