ICOLabs™ Medical Review Application (IMRA) is a new, web based laboratory review application that provides 24/7, global access to the latest laboratory data on a client’s study, including detailed analysis of any potential trends, signals, alerts and patient specific data. 

Benefits of IMRA for your Clinical Trials

IMRA allows users to review any ICON Central Laboratories’ result data of interest at any time of the day from anywhere in the world via our web based platform. The laboratory data is displayed and graphed in an intuitive manner that allows the user to rapidly identify potential signals and trends in the underlying data and allows the user to review individual patients in detail. 

Data available in Real Time
The database is refreshed at the end of every day.  The new data is no more than a few hours old, allowing for real time evaluation of your laboratory data including trends, signals and alerts

Study Team and Users of IMRA
“Designed for clinical research physicians by clinical research physicians to maximize the power of laboratory data.”

IMRA has been purpose built for clinical research physicians and is useful to them for signal detection, trend analysis and data review. However, because IMRA is so intuitive and simple to use, it may also appeal to many senior members of the study team, safety groups, medical monitors, and statisticians. 

Accessible through ICOLabs 
Existing subscribers to ICOLabs can request access for IMRA, and we simply activate it on their account. Access to IMRA is granted on a named basis only, allowing the client to restrict the availability of the application to those who need it.


  • Alert Overview – Quickly group and chart out-of-range laboratory results and alert grades for the detection and monitoring of potential laboratory safety signals. 
  • Data Trending – The physician can specify the exact data of interest and graph the data on parametric or non-parametric plots, across all visits, to take an even closer look at any potential emerging trends. Outliers can be immediately identified for closer medical inspection.
  • Alert Follow-Up – The physician can select for an alert of interest and immediately view the profile of any respective patients detected, allowing the physician to check on their current status and wellbeing
  • Detailed Subject Profiling - Review a subject’s full laboratory history and plot multiple tests of interest, simultaneously. This is a must-have feature for the medical review of any subject.
  • Data Export – All data exports to Microsoft Excel™ or PDF.