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Operationally and inferentially seamless designs may significantly decrease development duration, while maintaining statistical validity. ADDPLAN® MC provides simulation and analysis functionality for multi-armed confirmatory studies and the inverse normal and Fisher’s p-value combination testing strategies. Different treatment selection rules may simply be examined for different response scenarios and development strategies to select the best design for regulatory approval. 

ADDPLAN® MC was the first validated adaptive multi-armed study design software.

Simulate Design: Simulation of inferentially & operationally seamless Phase II/III designs

  1. Control of family-wise error rate
  2. Early success/futility stopping

Sample size re-estimation based on conditional power
Adaptive treatment arm selection
Wide range of treatment arm selection rules
Sample size re-estimation
Simulation settings allowing easy power examination for different dose-response profiles
Simulation of treatment selection based on surrogate endpoints for survival data
ADDPLAN® MC manual provides insight into the applied methodology and worked examples

Adaptive Analysis: Interim & final analysis of adaptive multi armed study designs including...

Flexible dropping of treatment arms
Sample size re-estimation based on observed or assumed effects
Conditional power calculation based on the remaining total sample size
Repeated confidence intervals taking possible early stopping into account.



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