ADDPLAN White Paper

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Our ICON Insights will help you understand and successfully address the complexities of adaptive trial design and execution.

Optimise Clinical Development to Reduce Costs

ADDPLAN - the most widely used vendor adaptive design tool* in the pharma industry.

High attrition rate in phase III trials, lengthy development programs, and increasing development costs all demand a smarter approach to drug development. Adaptive design, identified in FDA's critical path initiative as one way to improve trial efficiency, can add value to all phases of drug development.

In exploratory phases, adaptive designs are used to combine development phases and improve resource allocation. In confirmatory trials, they enable early stopping, change of allocation rates, and reassessment of the sample size, patient subgroups or specific treatment arms. With better data and improved decision making, adaptive designs can increase the probability of success and decrease development time.

Accurate dose selection early in drug development is critical to late-phase success. With ADDPLAN DF software from ICON, the process of designing dose-finding trials is now more accurate and more efficient. Using ADDPLAN DF, dose-finding studies can be designed, simulated and analysed under a variety of statistical methodologies, including the FDA and EMA-qualified MCP-Mod approach.

The benefits of Adaptive Design Trials