Site Performance Ignited

Clinical trials continue to grow in complexity, creating new challenges in maintaining quality, reducing the cost of development and the time it takes to bring a drug to market.  According to industry statistics, it can cost 25-50K on average to set up a single site ready to screen, and yet 11% of sites fail to enroll a single patient and 37% under enroll. 

FIRECREST digital solutions increase efficiency in clinical trials by driving site performance.  Our solutions improve the clinical trial experience for sites, patients and study staff resulting in reduced time, cost and better quality data. 

FIRECREST solutions are proven to deliver clear value to trials.  
Some recent examples from studies where it has been deployed:

Reduced Mean Training Costs
Patient Recruitment
Protocol Deviations
Screening Rates

Bringing benefits to the site, study staff and patients

Increases Compliance

  • Education and training on demand
  • eDocument distribution and tracking
  • Audit Inspection ready documents and training records

Increases Quality

  • Better trained site and study staff leads to higher quality data

Reduces Cost

  • Reduced clinical development cost by accelerating study start-up with pre-training sites prior to initiation
  • Reduced training, logistics, paper and site administration costs

Increases Patient Engagement

  • Enhanced, study specific education in the consent process

FIRECREST solutions include

Training Site & Study Staff - Award winning, impactful and interactive content 

Visit by Visit Guide - Comprehensive essential instructions for site and study staff

Trial Drive - eDocument distribution and tracking 

Pre-Screen - Supporting identification of potentially eligible patients for screening

eConsent - Enhanced informed consent and capturing biometric signatures – that can be used on multiple handsets

Tried and Trusted Performance 
Our clients, including the global top 10 pharmaceutical companies, are already seeing the benefits of FIRECREST, including increase in enterprise compliance, reduction in protocol deviations and costs associated with training and document management. 

One such organisation uses FIRECREST as its enterprise portal solution to manage its entire clinical development portfolio and in just eight months has seen compliance increase from 73% to 94% across 350 studies, involving three CROs and 10,000 staff.