ICONIK Informatics Hub

A technology platform to analyse the operational, clinical and real world data collected during clinical development.

Data analysis from ICONIK Informatics Hub empowers us to:

  • Enhance the design and delivery of our projects
  • Strengthen our engagement with investigators and patients
  • Guide and implement the most effective commercialisation strategies

ICONIK Informatics Hub has four modules:

  • ICONIK Design
  • ICONIK Delivery
  • ICONIK Engage
  • ICONIK Commercialisation 
ICONIK Design accesses clinical and real world data to enhance protocol design, profile/match patients to trials, and develop models scenario to assess the impact on timing and cost.
ICONIK Delivery collects real-time data during the trial process enabling better decision making and the successful implementation of clinical trial strategies that significantly improve efficiency in clinical trials

ICONIK Engagement uses data and evidence based research to develop solutions that engage investigators and patients more effectively to improve patient recruitment and retention.

ICONIK Commercialisation uses real word data analysis from multiple sources to enable deeper insights into the safety and value of new treatments. This enables the development of commercialisation strategies and provides effective engagement plans for payers, prescribers and regulators

Delivering real impact in clinical development
We combine industry leading technologies including our proprietary solutions  with best practice processes to deliver innovative services that deliver real impact in clinical development.  ICON is already reducing time, costs and increasing quality to our clients today:  

FIRECREST - 50% lower protocol deviations per site, 56% Improvement in median screening rates for studies, 45% reduction in total data queries.

ICONIK and Patient Centric Monitoring - 21% potential saving on monitoring costs (High volume, high complex studies)
ADDPLAN and Adaptive Trial Design – 30-50% potential savings on trial costs
Study Start-Up – 30% potential reduction in median cycle times (US)
Medical Imaging – Reduction in average delivery time from 30 to 10 days