24th May, 2018

A Strategic, Technology Driven Approach: How RWE Continues to Shape the Late Phase Research Landscape

25th January, 2018

The Rare Disease Revolution: How emerging research approaches and real world evidence are fulfilling critical patient needs faster

7th December, 2017

eConsent: Better for the patient, Better for the site

17th November, 2017

Real World Evidence Across the Product Lifecycle: Regulatory and Payer Landscape

16th November, 2017

What's Next in eCOA? - New insights into equivalence testing methodology and implications for BYOD

24th October, 2017

Evolving Best Practices for Working with Authors – Authorship and Beyond

13th October, 2017

Linking Evidence and Value Strategies with the Right Stakeholder

22nd September, 2017

Outcomes-Based Agreements and Innovative Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals

19th September, 2017

Optimise Your RWE Investments through a Platform Based Approach

7th June, 2017

Using Early Economic Models in Developing your Evidence Strategy

9th May, 2017

Optimise Medical Publishing and Avoid “Predatory Journals”

1st May, 2017

Technology Solutions for Late Phase Research: Optimising Real World Data Assets

26th April, 2017

Addressing the challenges of Type II Diabetes global clinical trials via use of high quality laboratory solutions

5th April, 2017

Optimise Your Regulatory & HTA Submissions with a Comprehensive Health Economic & Epidemiologic Evidence Strategy

16th November, 2016

Development and Validation of Clinician-Reported Outcomes Measures (ClinROs)

2nd November, 2016

Leveraging smartphone sensors to measure novel health outcomes

26th October, 2016

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) eCOA – Instrument Validation Methodology

25th October, 2016

Meeting Evidentiary Needs with Electronic Health Records: Transformative Applications in Observational Studies and Pragmatic Clinical Trials

14th October, 2016

Market Access Hurdles for Cell and Gene Therapies: Managing Evidence to Enhance Market Adoption

21st September, 2016

Validating Select Physical Performance Outcome (PerfO) Assessments to Support Labelling Claims in the US: Methods and Lessons Learned

7th September, 2016

From Big Data to Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

26th July, 2016

Linguistic Validation – When Google Translate Just Isn’t Enough

6th July, 2016

Activity Monitoring, Setting Standards for Clinical Research

30th June, 2016

Learn about Laboratory Considerations when Developing Multiple Myeloma Trials

22nd June, 2016

Developing an Observer-Reported Outcomes Measure (ObsRO): Best Practices, Challenges, and Solutions

18th May, 2016

Overview of the Regulation Landscape for Digital Health

21st January, 2016

Pistoia Alliance

8th December, 2015

FDA Waivers for TQT Studies

18th November, 2015

Global Regulatory Affairs, Medical Devices: Your Partner in Medical Device Development

3rd November, 2015

Linguistic Validation of COAs and eCOAs