Your Guide to Adaptive Clinical Trials

Adaptive clinical trials can reduce time-to-market, cut development costs by millions of dollars, and help patients gain access to your therapies sooner. However, they also come with many challenges that go beyond those of traditional studies. Our ICON Insights will help you understand and successfully address the complexities of adaptive trial design and execution.

Everything You Need to Know about MCP-Mod

Designated as “fit-for-purpose” by the FDA, this powerful statistical tool can improve dose-finding in your adaptive clinical trial or incorporate MCP-Mod into ADDPLAN DF

Medical Device Adaptive Design: The Faster Path to Market

An adaptive design clinical trial can help to create a stronger value proposition for your medical device and give you a competitive edge, by reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market.

The Adoption and Impact of Adaptive Trial Designs

Forty senior executives from a variety of cross-functional areas including clinical research and development, biostatistics, project management, and clinical operations contributed to research on the adoption and impact of adaptive design clinical trials.