Endpoint Adjudication Services

Endpoint Adjudication can help to lower the risk of variation in important clinical trial outcome events for submission to regulatory agencies. It can also support consistent reporting across regions and provides a quality control check through clinical expert review of principal investigator reporting. Our adaptable, client orientated team have developed efficient processes to deliver successful results.

Access to strong network of Key Opinion Leaders
We have established relationships with over 250 experts and key opinion leaders around the world with a wealth of therapeutic, clinical research, and endpoint adjudication expertise. We can also contract independent committee members, and work collaboratively with committees from academic research organisations to meet your study objectives.

Innovative reliable technology, round the clock
We use a web-based, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic adjudication system (EAS). Our EAS improves the efficiency of the adjudication workflow, and provides an audit trail of activities for complete transparency.

It also offers round the clock, secure access. This can be restricted by protocol, site, user, and role to ensure the integrity of your data. You can upload data from sites directly, store all endpoint data and adjudication results in one location, and export results making it easier for analysis.

Service options

  • Contracting adjudication committee members and coordinating committee meetings
  • Developing endpoint reporting Electronic Data Capture (EDC) forms
  • Developing event specific adjudication forms
  • Devising a project specific process flow and paradigm
  • Developing an adjudication committee charter
  • Creating adjudication training materials for study team and sites
  • Implementing the electronic endpoint adjudication system

Experienced team to support you

Our team is among the most experienced in the industry, led by a management team with a combined 40 years of endpoint adjudication experience. We also have over 30 clinical nurses with a wide variety of therapeutic experience to ensure that all endpoints are efficiently processed with clinically relevant data.

  • 132 studies successfully supported
  • 198,000 + subjects
  • 167,000 + endpoints across various therapeutic areas