Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter

Stay current on country, regional and global regulatory changes with ICON’s monthly Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter. It will keep you up to date with global regulatory changes that could impact your product.

Our experts review, interpret and summarise the latest regulatory developments so that you can spend more time taking your product to market.  The format is designed to give you the key points with relevant links so that you can scan quickly and then find out more information on relevant topics on-line.  

Stay up to date with regulatory changes such as:

  • Marketing authorisation including labeling and post approval submissions

  • Updates to scientific guidance including quality, safety, and efficacy

  • Changes to GxP Guidance

  • Special Topics - orphan drugs, vaccines, and early access programmes, etc.

  • And more

Examples of Past Issues

Examples of Past Issues

Briefing thumbnailICON Global Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter: August 2017 European Commission published recommendations for the implementation of the Clinical Trial Regulation (EU) Download Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter

Briefing thumbnailICON Global Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter: May 2017 Update on New European Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics Regulations Download Regulatory Intelligence Newsletter

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