Functional Services Provision

ICON provides a full range of Functional Outsourcing Models that range from traditional Contingent Resourcing Models to complex Capacity Management and FSP Models. Our evolved outsourcing Functional Service Provision (FSP) model delivers both cost-efficiency and clinical expertise.

Leveraging DOCS industry leading resourcing engine, and ICON’s extensive CRO infrastructure, our unique approach advances beyond traditional BPO and FSP solutions to transform both organizational flexibility and operational productivity.

We specialise in consulting with our customers to design Customised Functional Solutions to meet their needs. Our FSP Delivery Platform™ provides a base on which to design a functional model that is an extension of the customer’s environment. 

Functional Resourcing

One of the world’s largest providers of strategic resourcing solutions and FSP models, DOCS provide clients with access to highly qualified candidates through a world-class recruitment engine and an expansive network of over 200,000 individuals. 

Functional Solutions

Our enterprise-wide functional solutions provide talent, process improvement, technical expertise and a deep understanding of functional outsourcing models. With ICON’s flexible Functional Solutions, you can focus on core competencies while a team of project management and therapeutic experts deliver the fit-for-purpose results you need.