Strategic Consulting & Trial Design

ICON Epidemiology has extensive experience in designing and conducting epidemiological studies.  We understand the importance of effective and informed advice during the design stages of observational research projects, and provide expertise in the design and analysis of “real world” studies. Our experience means we are able to offer strategic advice on:

  • Epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology, to characterise disease etiology, occurrence, risk factor distribution, treatment effectiveness, and to estimate unbiased measures of the association between determinants and health status.
  • Regression modelling, to examine predictors of health outcomes and to develop prognostic models.
  • Longitudinal, time-series, and time-to-event analytic strategies which form the backbone of both observational and interventional studies.  
  • Meta-analysis, including pair-wise and network approaches, to allow more accurate estimation of effect sizes across treatments, and inform the inputs for future economic models.
  • Observational real world studies of efficacy, safety and tolerability of therapies.