Administrative Database Analysis

Administrative database analysis may be used to estimate a variety of epidemiologic parameters, including measures of:

  • Disease occurrence and association
  • Economic outcomes
  • Treatment patterns and drug utilisation
  • Real-world safety and effectiveness

The ICON Epidemiology practice has in-depth knowledge of the best data sources in North America, Europe, and Latin America; including administrative claims databases, databases containing electronic medical records, and disease registries.  Typically a feasibility assessment will be conducted to identify the data source that best suits the research question before obtaining data.  

Administrative database analysis can be applied to the following epidemiologic services:

  • Strategic consulting and trial design
  • Burden of illness
    • Societal
    • Individual/humanistic
    • Economic
  • Relative drug effectiveness
  • Real-world effectiveness and utilisation patterns 
  • Risk-benefit modelling 
  • Infectious disease research (including transmission modelling)