Chart Reviews

Chart reviews may be conducted to characterize disease epidemiology, treatment patterns, real-world safety and effectiveness, or burden of illness. Specific parameters that may be estimated include disease status and progression, drug utilisation, switching or discontinuation, adherence, persistence, clinical and safety outcomes, and resource utilisation and costs. Results may be incorporated into economic modelling studies, and patient-reported outcome or survey data can potentially be collected alongside the chart review study.

The ICON Epidemiology practice has experience in conducting chart reviews in a variety of clinical areas and jurisdictions. Through our network of investigators and alongside ICON Clinical Research’s global capabilities in data collection and monitoring, we are able to offer rigorously conducted studies, in an efficient and timely manner. ICON’s epidemiologists have expertise in chart review study design, coordination, data management, analysis, and reporting. 

Retrospective chart review studies may be conducted as part of the following epidemiologic services:

  • Strategic consulting and trial design
  • Burden of illness
    • Societal
    • Individual/humanistic
    • Economic
  • Real-world effectiveness and utilisation patterns