Evidence Synthesis

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are increasingly used to establish the comparative effectiveness of health technologies, providing a reliable basis for health technology appraisal. Developing the statistical pooling of trial evidence, network meta-analysis (NMA) is used to compare estimates of effectiveness across a range of treatments, and are most useful where direct randomized evidence between all relevant comparators is limited or unavailable. Their importance has been formally acknowledged by HTA bodies; including NICE (UK), CADTH (Canada) and PBAC (Australia) who have published technical reviews on these methodologies. Payers in the US and major European markets are becoming more interested in these analyses.

ICON has considerable expertise in conducting systematic review and NMA and has been involved in developing the methodology as well as contributing to the ISPOR best practice guidelines. The team prides itself on constantly advancing knowledge and expertise and is active in the development of scientific methods.

Types of analyses our Health Economics team has conducted include:

  • Pairwise meta-analysis
  • Indirect treatment comparisons
  • Frequentist and Bayesian Network meta-analyses
  • Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons