Global & Core Value Dossiers

Global and core value dossiers compile evidence about healthcare interventions for purposes of internal communication and to support submissions to HTA agencies, as well as national and local payers. These documents are critical to achievie the consistency and substantiation of key scientific and commercial messages.

ICON is a well-established market leader in the development of product value propositions and the global value dossiers that communicate this value to stakeholders. Our team of highly-experienced health economists and systematic reviewers bring together opinion-leading scientific expertise, knowledge of marketplace and regulatory landscapes, with consultancy skills and understanding of client needs. 

In producing dossiers we bring together the scientific evidence to support the value of a product into a single resource. We draw on our core skills in systematic review, meta-analysis, health economic modeling, as well as clinical and observational trial design and analysis. We can also collaborate with our colleagues in Patient Reported Outcomes and Epidemiology to ensure that the value messages to support reimbursement and label claims are properly incorporated. Our specialist translation team is also available to ensure that the dossiers are accurately and powerfully conveyed in the target language for the intended market place or jurisdiction. These methods rely on our team being at the interface of service development, and our ability to utilise the knowledge and skills of the entire ICON team. The combination of focus on science and communication provides our customers with a unique and effective set of dossier services.