Utility & Patient Preference Studies

Utilities are an important measures of health status both as input to health economic modeling and as stand-alone indicators of how patients value treatment outcomes. Several key healthcare markets now require manufacturers to demonstrate cost effectiveness as part of their reimbursement process, ensuring that utility measurement is now an essential part of many submissions.

With our strong scientific foundations in PRO research and Health Economics, ICON is uniquely able to design utility, utility mapping and cross-walk studies that optimize scientific validity, sensitivity to health state differences and the methodological rigor required for economic evaluation. We have expertise in a range of utility and mapping methods to meet the requirements of national reimbursement agencies such as NICE, SMC, CDR, and PBAC. 

Our team adds value to reimbursement submissions by assessing the validity and sensitivity of published utility data and designing studies that capture the benefits of treatment to maximise the chance of demonstrating cost-effectiveness.  These activities are crucial as reimbursement agencies closely scrutinise the quality of the utility data used in reimbursement submissions, which is evidenced by the number of rejected submissions based on poorly-founded utility values.