Clinical Translations

Clinical Translation Experts

ICON Language Services is the only ISO 17100:2015-certified full-service translation services provider situated within a top-5 CRO, offering total harmonisation between product development processes and translation methodology. Examples of the types of documents we handle include:

  • Patient materials including consent forms
  • Site/Investigator materials including protocols/synopses and investigator brochures
  • Instructions for use
  • IVR systems
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Site/EC correspondence
  • Regulatory letters and applications
  • Manuals
  • Patient recruitment materials
  • HR materials
  • Adjudication materials
  • Pharmacovigilance materials (e.g. SAE reports)
  • Manufacturing documents (e.g. certificates of analysis)
  • Training packs and scripts
  • Marketing materials, including dossiers
  • Medical device instructions
  • Medical software UI and documentation
  • Medical/pharmaceutical website text
  • Agreement and copyright documentation
  • Value dossiers

Our services have been certified to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard, the international standard that unifies the terminology used in the translation industry, which defines basic requirements for language services and creates a framework for the interaction between customers and service providers. 

Our quality assurance procedures are proven by our track record and are designed to ensure we deliver top-quality on every translation task. Our methodology is commensurate with the end use of the document, ensuring appropriate quality, without adding cost for unnecessary methodological steps. 

Some of the methods we apply to assure quality of our translations include:

  • Use of professional, native-speaking translators with knowledge of the subject matter
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Back translation and review
  • Clinician or other subject-matter expert review
  • Customer affiliate review