Real World Intelligence™

As healthcare accelerates towards a patient-centric, value based approach, key stakeholders are asking new questions:

  • How will patients respond to your product when it enters the ‘real world’?
  • How does its value proposition hold up within the competitive set and current standards of care?
  • Which subsets of patients are likely to see the greatest benefit?

With ICON’s Real-World Intelligence™ – real world data (RWD) plus advanced expertise – you have the insights and tools to answer these important questions.

You’ll get a deeper understanding of patient experiences and priorities while accelerating market access for products that are truly aligned to payer and provider demands. And with our real world evidence assets, you can drive better site and patient engagement for more streamlined studies.

Services include:

  • Market research and data analytics
  • Strategic evidence planning and evidence portfolio development

ICON’s intelligent approach to developing a robust real world evidence strategy drives commercial success. ICON gives you access to real world data, from key primary and secondary sources such as:

  • Patient registries
  • Electronic clinical outcomes
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Apps / Sensors
  • Electronic health records
  • Integrated claims
  • Syndicated research
  • Social listening