White Paper: Meeting Evidentiary Needs with EHRs

How can the abundance of real world data (RWD) from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) enhance your late phase research studies while decreasing study costs?

Read the Meeting Evidentiary Needs with Electronic Health Records white paper to learn how you can leverage these systems for maximum benefit in Observational Studies and Pragmatic Clinical Trials.

Conduct a More Cost-Effective Observational Study 
Pragmatic Clinical Trials: Growing Potential and Popularity 

RWD-powered, post-marketing studies require fewer resources and EHRs are an efficient data source to support these studies.

Find out how retrospective and prospective analyses, as well as case control studies and cross-sectional studies, can be more cost-effectively performed using EHR data.

Traditional approaches to enrolment for Pragmatic Clinical Trials can be a challenge, depending on the initiative of the healthcare providers and patients involved.

Discover how an EHR system can be used as the information backbone of these studies by supporting recruitment efforts and automatically capturing outcomes data.