Mobile devices have the power to transform the way doctors interact with patients by providing enhanced flexibility for today’s clinical care setting.

The mobile healthcare technology (mHealth) revolution is driving clinical development and transforming clinical trials and patient care beyond the confines of a doctor’s office. mHealth holds many opportunities and challenges for medical device manufacturers, warranting thoughtful planning and a strong understanding of the technology at hand. With the right guidance and information, mHealth can help elevate clinical development and support more integrated models of patient care. Read our white paper, “Convergent Development: How mHealth can Transform Medical Product Pipelines into the Patient Care Continuum” and learn how to:

  • Improve trial effectiveness with remote monitoring and virtual visits
  • Enhance trial planning with the latest mHealth technologies
  • Optimise the potential of technology-enabled clinical research and products.
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Innovative Mobile Health Information: The Digital Diagnosis

Harnessing the power and flexibility of mobile devices and mHealth technology. 

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