Clinical Site Solutions

Often times sites are left unprepared and unequipped to skillfully navigate the stringent requirements of a sponsor. ICON ensures that both sites and investigators have the right infrastructure and capabilities to conduct trials according to agreed-upon timelines.

Relationship managers keep close contact with study coordinators and investigators and confirm that sites are performing. These key relationships establish trust between ICON and clinical sites and increase enrolment while reducing timelines.

ICON offers an end-to-end, paperless and audit-ready clinical study solution. Tailored portals for both the investigator and coordinators enable an easily scalable and cost-minimizing platform that improves study efficiency, data quality, and patient compliance.

PMG Research, ICONs clinical site network, provides investigators with a turnkey, scalable clinical trial model. By implementing robust research infrastructures in large, multispecialty health systems, ICON unlocks access to millions of patients, streamlines the clinical trial process, and delivers on an unprecedented model of predictability and standardization.