Stipend and Dates

Up to $21,000. (Multiple payments)

All dates and times are tentative. Note: Several dates are close to holidays. You must be able to do all these dates. Cohort 1 - TBA (sometime in 2023- we have no updates at this time)
Day -1 Admit #1  
Day 12 Discharge (a payment within 10 business days after completing)  
Day 14 Admit #2  
Day 26 Discharge (a payment within 10 business days after completing)  
Day 28 Admit #3  
Day 40 Discharge (a payment within 10 business days after completing)  
Day 43 Out-Patient Visit  
Follow-up Phone Call (a payment within 10 business days after completing)  


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Study Criteria

Healthy non-smoking Males and non-childbearing Females

Age:  18-55

BMI and Weight:  18 to 29.9 kg/m2     Must weigh at least 110 lbs


Study Information

Indication: The investigational drug is being developed as a potential treatment of cancers.

Route of Administration: Oral

Washout from previous study: Use of other known investigational drugs within the last 30 days or 5 half-lives, whichever is longer.

Females must be of non-child bearing potential and is defined as women who are physiologically and/or anatomically incapable of becoming pregnant.

  • They are postmenopausal as evidenced by 12 months of natural (spontaneous) amenorrhea with an appropriate clinical profile (i.e., age appropriate history of vasomotor symptoms.
  • They have had surgical bilateral oophorectomy (with or without hysterectomy), total hysterectomy or bilateral tubal ligation at least 6 weeks prior. In the case of oophorectomy alone, only when reproductive status of the woman has been confirmed by follow-up hormone level assessment if she is considered not of childbearing potential.

Sexually active males must use a condom during intercourse and must not donate sperm from the first dosing of study treatment and for 90 days after the last dose of study treatment.


Study Reminders

  • 10 hours fasting is required for lab work (only water is allowed)
  • If taking medications, bring them to your screening appointment (including prescription, over the counter, herbal supplements and vitamins)
  • Bring a valid, non-expired photo ID with you when you attend your screening visit.  We accept a valid government issued identification card such as a driver's license, state issued ID card or passport.  You will be required to show this same photo ID at all study visits
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to complete paper work.
NO 0050-1051
Healthy Males and Non-Childbearing Females
Not Currently Screening.
Male or Female
Payment amount
Up to $21,000
18 - 55