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ICON Early Phase Services conducts clinical trials in the US at our clinical research unit, in San Antonio, Texas. Our reputation for safety, scientific integrity and compliance allows us to enjoy a first class reputation with clients from major pharmaceutical companies and volunteers who participate in our studies.

Our San Antonio unit, which we acquired through the acquisition of Healthcare Discoveries in 2008, is a recently expanded 180-bed facility which has been in operation since 1994 and has a wide range of experience over several different therapeutic areas. 

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ICON’s Early Phase Services Phase 1 clinical trials take place onsite at our medical facility in San Antonio, TX. Most trials require consecutive overnight stays and outpatient visits. Our medical facility is designed with your comfort in mind: Wi-Fi access, TV, game rooms, time for working on your computer, reading or relaxing in between testing results. Study specific meals and snacks are provided by an on-site caterer. In addition to compensation for your time and travel, volunteering in clinical research lets you take an active role  in bringing new treatments to those who need them most.
The safety of volunteers is our primary concern. All our studies are conducted under internationally agreed guidelines set down by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each study is reviewed by an Independent Ethics Committee who is responsible for ensuring that your safety has been thoroughly considered, that the information provided to you is fair, balanced and accurate and that your rights as a volunteer are maintained.

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