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SPECIAL NOTICE - Jan 17, 2020


                     The Recruitment Department will be closed on Monday January 20, 2020.  Calls will be returned in the order they were received when we return on Tuesday.

                                                                                                Thank you and have a safe holiday.




.                               DO YOU HAVE COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

Either self-reported or diagnosed by a physician?

We have a new device study starting to screen for people with COPD at the end of January.

Contact our Recruitment Department at 210-225-5437 and view study NO 0050-0637 for more information.



Current Studies

Here you will find a list of current studies at our San Antonio clinical research unit, as well as detailed information about each study’s requirements, study dates and what to expect if you are accepted onto a study. Select "Click here" to view individual study information and dates. 

Gender Ages Primary Health Condition Compensation More Info
Male or Female Referral Programs - "Refer A Friend" - Updated Nov 11, 2019 Click here
Male or Female 40 And Older Healthy & Patients with COPD NO 0050-0367 - Healthy Patients Only at this time. Not currently screening. Check back for new cohorts or call for more information. up to $1,350 Click here
Male or Female 18 - 45 Healthy SA 3112-0117 - Now for ages 18-45 only. Compensation in multiple payments. STUDY ON HOLD up to $4,500 Click here
Male or Female 18 - 45 Healthy CI 3853-0008 - Not currently screening up to $3,300 Click here
Male or Female 18 - 55 Healthy MI 5082-0001 - Not currently screening up to $8,250 Click here
Male or Female 18 - 55 Healthy CE 0451-0466 DDI - If you did part 1 of this study, you cannot do this part. Screening may be done, pending lab results. up to $10,000 Click here
Male or Female 18 - 60 Healthy NO 0009-0431 SAD - 2 part screening (1st visit- sign consent, 2nd visit- procedures). Females must be postmenopausal or surgically sterile. NO out-of-state subjects allowed. Not currently screening up to $10,760 Click here



Future Studies

Here you will find a listing of possible upcoming studies. If you find one you are interested in, please contact our Recruitment Department at 210-225-5437 or send in your information to

New Research Study
Healthy Older Adults - Expected in Jan!   ICON has an upcoming study for healthy adults age 60 and older. No specific study information is available at this time. Please keep an eye on the website as this study is expected in early January.
Adults with COPD - Starting in Jan 2020  

ICON has an upcoming study for adults with COPD!   Please call to be added to our database or update your contact and medical information. We will need to know any medical conditions you have and any medications you are taking.  No specific study information is available at this time.


Tobacco Studies - Vaping smokers


ICON may have a possible study for people who vape. If you, or someone you know, might be interested please call to update your contact information or to be added to our database if you are a new patient. *We would like to know what you smoke and your smoking habits such as how often and how much you smoke. * Please include your phone number. No specific study information is available at this time.

Tobacco Studies   ICON is expecting a future study for menthol and non-menthol cigarette smokers. If you, or someone you know, might be interested please call to update your contact information or to add you to our database if you are a new patient. *We would like to know the type of cigarettes you use and your smoking habits such as how often and how much you smoke.  No specific study information or dates are available at this time.  * Please include your phone number.



How to Make an Appointment -

  • Press "Click Here" on the study you are interested in for more information.
  • Read the explanation, criteria and dates thoroughly.
  • TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, you must click on the link that states:  "CLICK HERE to Make An Appointment for (study name)",  located toward the bottom of the study listing right above the study dates.
  • This will take you to the online scheduling system.
  • Click on the title of the study you were interested in and it will take you to the first appointments available for that study. Screening days will be highlighted with times located below. *If we are not currently screening for that study, it will state "No Appointments Available".
  • Click on the time shown under the highlighted date. It will prompt you to enter your information if you are a new volunteer. ***If you have made an appointment before, use your username and password to enter your account and schedule your appointment.
  • *If the time(s) is gray and will not let you click on it, that means all the appointments for that date and time are full. If someone cancels their appointment, the system will automatically re-open that time slot.
  • Once you click the "Make Appointment" button, you will see a confirmation page on your screen with the appointment information and with your username and password. If gives you the option to reset these.
  • A confirmation email and later a reminder email will be sent to you if you have entered your email address in your account.    


Screening Appointment Information

Here you will find helpful information to prepare for your upcoming screening appointment. Have more questions? Call our Recruitment Department at 210-225-5437.


Our Address  

We are located at 8307 Gault Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78209.  Gault Lane is one exit east of the San Antonio Airport inside Loop 410 between the Nissan dealership and Valero gas station. 



You must have a valid, non-expired photo ID in order to be seen/screened.  Passports are acceptable. NOTE: MILITARY IDs are now allowed.  No school IDs, Sam's card, etc.

Arrival time  

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete paperwork and read study information.

What if I am late for my  appointment?  

You may not be seen. This may occur even if you are only a couple of minutes late. You would need to reschedule if there are appointments available.

Fasting time   Most studies will need fasting blood work in order to complete your screening process.  If you choose not to fast for your appointment, it will be necessary for you to come back for an additional visit. Fasting times are listed in the individual study's listings.
Surgically Sterile Females  

If you have had a hysterectomy, oophorectomy, salpingectomy or tubal ligation, documentation of these procedures are required for most studies.  You must bring these documents to your screening appointment.  If your records are not on file with us and you are interested in doing studies, please work on obtaining this information from your doctor so you will have it when you are interested in screening.

What is meant by "overnights" on the study listing?  

"Overnights" mean that you will admit or check-in to our clinic and stay here 24 hours a day for the number of days/nights that are stated for that specific study. You will not leave the clinic until your discharge date. It does NOT mean that you check-in at night and leave during the day for work, etc.


The ICON clinic is a non-smoking facility. Our studies are for non-smokers only and participants must agree to abide by the rules of the clinic.   *Smoking is only allowed for studies specifically looking for and testing smokers/tobacco users.


Patients Diagnosed with a Medical Condition

The following is special information for Diabetic patients and other patients diagnosed with a medical condition.


Medical Records   Medical records from your primary doctor are required for you to participate in our studies.  If there is an exception, it will be noted for that specific study.
When do I need them?   These records should be brought to your screening appointment.
These records should include the following information:  

All medical records, including but not limited to: office notes, face sheets, history and physical, consultation notes, inpatient, outpatient and emergency room treatment, all clinical charts, reports, order sheets, progress notes, nurse's notes, social worker records, clinic records, treatment plans, admission records, discharge summaries, reports of consultations, documents, correspondence, test results, statements, questionnaires/histories, from both the above noted provider as well as those contained in the patient record received by other medical providers.

·          All physical, occupational and rehab requests, consultations and progress notes.

·          All laboratory, histology, cytology, pathology and radiology records, results and reports.

·          All pharmacy/prescription records

Tax and 1099's Information

The information below includes some general information and frequently asked questions regarding taxes and 1099 forms.

"Is the compensation I'm paid reported to the IRS?"   If compensation totals $600.00 or more during one calender year period, ICON is required by law to report this income to the IRS.
"Will I get a 1099 form from ICON?"   If the amount you received is less than $600.00 during one calendar year period, ICON is not required to send you a 1099-MISC return. Yes, if you were paid $600.00 or more.
"Do I have to tell the IRS what I made?"   You are required to report all income to the IRS.
"Can I state I was employed by ICON?"   Participation in a research study DOES NOT mean you are/were employed by ICON.
"When will ICON mail out my 1099?"   Our Pennsylvania office will start mailing them out the last week of January.
"Where will my 1099 be sent?"   Your 1099 will be sent to the address you provided on the last W-9 you filled out for the last study you were paid for during that calendar year period.
"I have a new address, can I just give you my new one over the phone and have my 1099 sent there?"   Unfortunately, no. A new W-9 form must be filled out. As an offical government document, any change of information must be filled out, signed and dated by you to be legal.
"How can I fill out a new form?"   You can come into our office to fill out and submit a new form. Or you can click on new W-9 form to get a copy of the form. Fill it out with the new information and make sure to sign and dated it or it will have to be returned. You can then mail, email or fax the form to us. We cannot do anything until the form is returned.
Email and fax information   Completed forms can be emailed to  (works best with Chrome) or faxed to 210-853-0840.
"What happens once I turn in the new W-9 form?"   We will submit the new W-9 form and request an updated 1099. This is usually done in mid February. If you already know you have had a change and are not going to do anymore studies this year, it is best to submit the ne w form as soon as possible.





           SEEKING Patients with COPD

(self-reported or diagnosed by a physician).

        Screening starts in late Jan 2020.

              See study NO 0050-0637.


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