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    Please note that there are several types of referral programs offered.  The type of program and referral amounts vary and are study specific.

  *** Not all studies offer a referral program.



                                                               "Refer A Friend" Program

What is it?  How does it work?

Tell your friends or family members about our studies.

They make a screening appointment online at or call the recruitment department at 210-225-5437.

They come in for a screening and FILL OUT A REFERRAL FORM at their screening appointment naming you as the person who referred them. Forms cannot be filled out at a later date or filled out for people who screened before the program was started for that study. *The amount paid out is stated on the form when it is filled out.  If the amount paid for a study is later increased, a new form is created with the start date for that amount.  People who previously filled out the form, will not be paid the new amount. 

If they pass screening, dose and complete the study  -->   You get an HEB gift card!

***NOTE: Referral Programs are for individuals to refer friends or family members.  It is not for healthcare providers or clinics to refer patients.


                                                       STUDIES CURRENTLY OFFERING “Refer A Friend”
                      No studies are currently offering our "Refer A Friend" program.
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