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    Please note that there are several types of referral programs offered.  The type of program and referral amounts vary and are study specific.

  *** Not all studies offer a referral program.



                                                               "Refer A Friend" Program

What is it?  How does it work?

Tell your friends or family members about our studies.

They make a screening appointment online at or call the recruitment department at 210-225-5437.

They come in for a screening and FILL OUT A REFERRAL FORM at their screening appointment naming you as the person who referred them. (Forms cannot be filled out at a later date or filled out for people who screened before the program was started for that study.)

If they pass screening, dose and complete the study  -->   You get a gift card!

***NOTE: Referral Programs are for individuals to refer friends or family members.  It is not for healthcare providers or clinics to refer patients.


                                                       STUDIES CURRENTLY OFFERING “Refer A Friend”
New!   IM 3807-0004 Type One Diabetics,  age 18-45  -   $100
            *NO 0009-0250 Overweight & Obese patients -  $500
                          * Note: Just for this study, gift cards are given out after the patient is dosed, not after the completion of the study.
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