Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for clinical studies at ICON Early Phase Services is simple.

Volunteering in clinical research lets you take an active role in bringing new treatments to those who need them most. If you know someone with a medical condition or who is facing a life-changing diagnosis, there is something you can do to help and be proud of.

Other perks:

  • Help develop medicines by contributing your time and health for the future of medicine.
  • Your time with us could create life-changing treatments for someone else.
  • Free medical exams are given during studies.
  • Compensated for your time and travel.
  • Make friends and interact with people who hold the same interests or conditions.
  • Recreational time allowed for book reading, chatting, games, TV and internet.

Of course if you have any further questions, you can contact our Volunteer Recruitment team at any stage.

For more general information on volunteering, click on one of the links below.

Click here if you are an EXISTING VOLUNTEER
Click here if you are a NEW VOLUNTEER

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