Central Nervous System

CNS drug development norms are being challenged

Nowadays Clinical Development Programs in the Central Nervous System (CNS) reach the highest failure rates across all therapeutic areas. Unsurprisingly this had led to a challenging of accepted and established norms by CNS drug developers.

At ICON we continually invest in staff training and advanced technologies for CNS drug development to find a better way. Our innovative processes and tools including protocol design, site training, ongoing and real time data quality analysis, are all designed to maximise the probability of success.

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Minimise risk and maximise your probability of success

  • Access to the latest, applied technology innovation and processes
  • Work with our highly qualified and therapeutically trained staff
  • Real time data quality monitoring and anaylsis

Services designed for CNS, Pain and Ageing Diseases

Protocol and Clinical Development Plans
Service is complemented with Adaptive Design competency and regulatory approved software.

Full service study/program implementation and execution including: 

  • Laboratory and imaging biomarker capability
  • CNS site and KOL expert network access
  • (Electronic) Clinical Outcomes Assessment and digital endpoints expertise
  • Access to biobanks and patient registries
  • Advice on use and implementation of innovative wearable technologies 

Therapeutically aligned expertise and experience

All staff assigned to projects including; Project Management, Drug Development, Feasibility, Site identification and Medical oversight attend customised training programs.  

Dedicated specialist teams

Over the past 5 years ICON have conducted phase II & III studies in a range of CNS indications.  We also offer dedicated teams for rare and paediatric CNS programs.

For more information on our services or to speak with an ICON CNS expert, please contact us today by completing the contact form.