A revolution in cancer drug development

Recent developments in cancer immunotherapy illustrate virtually unprecedented clinical benefit in some advanced cancer patients, and the potential for cure seems tangible. In line with transforming patient care, we have also already begun to transform drug development.

Given the sheer number of investigational agents and potential combination cancer immunotherapies before us, the opportunity to make a major impact on the world’s cancer burden and on patient’s lives has never been greater.

ICON’s Oncology Site Survey: Understanding the complexities of Conducting Oncology Clinical Trials

Early phase to Commercialisation experience

With almost 40% of our projects focused in oncology, our project managers and clinical teams have a broad and deep experience in the challenges of clinical development in this area.

  • 380 oncology studies
  • assessing 47,000 patients
  • at 14,500 sites worldwide

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Therapeutic and indication experience you can trust

ICON conducts clinical studies in both solid and haematological tumours including breast, lung, gastric, HCC, prostate, multiple myeloma, AML, lymphoma and leukaemia.

Two thirds of the oncology studies we conduct are in early phase. We have successfully operationalised alternative study designs such as the New Continuous Reassessment Method (nCRM). Our experience extends to managing some of the largest global phase III registration studies.

We have conducted almost 80 immuno-oncology studies, many complemented by sophisticated adaptive designs.  This includes using innovative ACT technologies in the oncology development space. 

Transforming patient outcomes through information, vigilance and understanding

The explosion of information about the genetic aberrations underlying cancer has led to several changes in the paradigm of how we develop drugs for this disease.

We believe that transformation of the outcomes for patients with cancer will require detailed understanding of these genetic aberrations in each patient’s cancer at diagnosis. Targeted therapies, novel immunotherapies and the ability to combine these agents together successfully will be important in the development of effective and tolerable treatment regimens.

Fully integrated development solutions

Our Commercialisation and Outcomes consultants can advise you on developing market access and pricing strategies. This will be done to meet both regulatory requirements and reimbursement requirements from the public health systems. We also provide a full range of specialist services including Medical Imaging, Site and Patient Recruitment including FIRECREST, Laboratory Services, and Biomarker consultancy to deliver more comprehensive integrated solutions for your trial.   

Flexible models to meet your needs

We have a diverse customer base, giving us vast experience in managing the spectrum of client needs. Whether you are a large organisation that needs an end to end solution or a small biotech requiring advice and support for proof of concept, we can provide a solution that works for you.