Clinical Research

Participating in a clinical research  study is Something To Be Proud Of. In addition to compensation for your time and travel, volunteering in clinical research  lets you take an active role in the development of new drugs, treatments and devices.

To be added to our Volunteer database, call 210-225-5437 or contact us.  

Each study has its own unique set of qualifying criteria. Being added to our database will give us information to determine your eligibility. We do not share this information.

How to Make a Screening Appointment

  1. Click on the “Current Studies” tile on the landing page
  2. Scroll down until you find the study that you are interested in
  3. Click on the “click here” link
  4. Read over the inclusion and exclusion criteria to be sure that your qualify
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link “click hear to make an appointment for study XXX”6. This will bring up rectangular box with the study name in teal lettering, click the icon.
  6. Now the calendar should show. Click on the dates that are shaded gray. If there is availability for that day, times will appear below the calendar.
  7. Click on the date and time. This will prompt you to login to your account. The box will appear in the right hand corner.