Refer a friend or family member to our studies

Refer a friend or family member to our studies.  If the person you refer passes screening, doses, and completes the study, you get a gift card!

The person you refer can make a screening appointment online at, or, call the Recruitment department at 210-225-5437.

The person you refer must fill out a referral form at his/her Screening appointment.  This will verify that you are the person who referred them.

Please note:

  • This program only applies to people who are new to our database and/or have not done a study with us before.
  • There are several types of referral programs offered and not all studies offer a referral program. 
  • The type of program and referral amounts vary and are study specific.
  • Referral programs are for individuals to refer friends or family members.  It is not for healthcare providers or clinics to refer patients.

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